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Please take this form to a formal wear professional. These businesses will usually provide you with accurate measurements at no cost to you. This will help ensure an accurate fit. Measurements not performed by our store personnel do not qualify for our Formal Guarantee.

Please print form, complete information and return at least 10 days in advance of the wearing date.

Event Date:
Event/Groom's Name:
Bride's Name:

City: State: Zip:
Daytime Phone: Driver's License #:

A $20.00 Down Payment is Required. Please enclose a check for $20.00 payable to Mister Penguin or charge your down payment to your Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card. No refund on deposit.

Card # Experation Date: /

Measurement Information
Tuxedo Style to be Worn:
Height: Weight : Age: (if boys size)
Coat Size: Reg Sht Lng Xlng -or-
Chest: Chest Overarm:
Trousers Waist: Trousers Hip:
Trousers Inseam: or Outseam:
Shirt Neck: Shirt Sleeve:
Shoe Size: Shoe Width:

Special Instructions:

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